HARDWARE STORE - Last August, we received a truly incredible donation: the entire contents of a 1940s hardware store. Boxes, bins, shelves, hardware, and all were relocated to the second floor of our warehouse and carefully restocked. Get excited for NOS hardware! Coming soon!

REFAB LAB SETUP - When we are not busy deconstructing, hustling salvage stuff, or bringing new trainees into the fold, we spend our time setting up Refab Lab, our soon-to-be reclaimed material workshop.

NO NAME DECONSTRUCTION - This 1904 mixed-use building in Grand Center is loaded with gigantic joists, good old St. Louis brick, heart pine floors, and colorful architectural terra-cotta. At nearly 12,000, this is the biggest building we have fully disassembled..


Current Projects

Refab creates training and employment opportunities through the sustainable practices of deconstruction, refabrication, and resale. Rather than use machines to demolish buildings and landfill perfectly good materials, we use people power to quickly and carefully disassemble structures and make quality, affordable materials available to creative folks like you. 

de · con · struc · tion  |  NOUN

the removal of a structure in reusable components, not dumpsters

re · fab · ri · ca · tion  |  NOUN

the process of reassembling discard materials into viable products