Refab creates training and employment opportunities through the sustainable practices of deconstruction and refabrication. Rather than use machines to demolish buildings and landfill perfectly good materials, we use people power to quickly and carefully disassemble structures and make quality, affordable materials available to people like you. 

de · con · struc · tion  |  NOUN

the removal of a structure in reusable components, not dumpsters

re · fab · ri · ca · tion  |  NOUN

the process of reassembling discard materials into viable products

Our latest deconstruction is a 1920s stucco on the golf course. We can't wait for you to see all the millwork coming out of this posh pad.

When it rains farmhouses it pours farmhouses. This spring the City of Arnold gave us another 1890 farmhouse to deconstruct, along with a barn and log cabin smokehouse.


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In the ice and snow this winter we deconstructed an 1890 farmhouse on The Hill. But between the beadboard and hot salami sandwiches from Gioia's we were in deconstruction paradise..

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