Types of things we DO take:

​- working appliances

- brick, block, and stone

- marble

- tile

- antique hardware

- hardwood flooring

- windows

- lighting

- mantles

- kitchen cabinets

- storage cabinets

​- carts

- sinks

- faucets

- toilets

- tubs and showers

- doors of all kinds

- lumber

- building materials

Refab is non-profit that retrains recently homeless veterans in the green jobs sector and diverts landfill waste by salvaging architectural elements (hardwood flooring, doors, windows, cabinets, etc) from Saint Louis homes and businesses on the verge of demolition.

Your contribution today supports Refabs efforts to:

Retrain recently homeless military veterans – Since 2013, Refab has retrained 12 recently homeless military veterans.

Create permanent employment opportunities – Refab has created 5 permanent full-time jobs for graduates of the retraining program.

Divert landfill waste – Refab has diverted over 2,000 tons of landfill waste.

​​​3130 Gravois Ave STL MO 63118 | 314-357-1392

Types of things we DON'T take:

- fabric, including curtains

- carpet and carpet tiles

- drop ceiling, including hardware

- laminated counter tops

- treated lumber and railroad ties

- cubicles

- electronics

- unframed mirrors or glass

- paint and other chemicals

- hollow core slab doors